One Billion Rising flash mob

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Strike Dance Rise for One Billion Rising on Feb. 14th 2013 wherever you are to stop Violence against women and girls. Dance Flash Mob directed and produced b...

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  • The time has come to reclaim the power of dance and community healing arts to midwife a new civilization for the common good. 

    If you are a dance-lover, a healer or an inspired citizen ripe to share your gifts and spirit in community, you are at the right place.  Our work stands at the intersection of transformative participatory art, personal and social transformation, community weaving and sacred activism.

    We are the first generation called to co-create a sustainable and compassionate global civilization and world community. The call has become urgent as we awaken to the radical choice: either extinction or survival with a more enlightened consciousness. We believe that the leading edge, evolutionary and inclusive integral worldview is the most comprehensive approach to personal, cultural and global transformation today, and holds the promise of shaping our emerging global civilization in a direction worthy of human dignity.                                                                                                                                           - Kosmos Journal 

     “ The cascading number of crises in the world are not imposed upon us. They are our own creation. We precipitated the chaos that surrounds us and we can heal it. To do so we must turn to what is true, timeless, and constant. Those constants are embodied in what we take for granted: women. Not women as a gender or noun, but what women eternally represent, what they hold within their being and express with devotion, the capacity to hold life within and to nurture it without. Her Rising is a joyous recognition of the sacred and how it must never be made profane by any person, institution or government. Violence and oppression of women is the core wound that foreshadows all other problems in the world, from poverty to war to destruction of the environment. Her Rising is not only a dance, it is the birth of a future.”                                                                                                                                           - Paul Hawken

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